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real quick...

I'm packing, as I write, finishing up a few last minute things around the house, updating addresses, gathering info and passing out info!

I'm not really sure what to bring? My bike is all packed that was my main concern :) Now I feel like I don't really need anything else! How simple life can be during times of change. I think that is the message for today. During times of change, keep it simple, keep it real, and keep everything in check. A friend told me "control what you can control" and run with whatever is left over. No sense in sitting around worrying about things that you can't grasp.

I was just wondering what I am going to miss most. It never hits me until I'm gone. I'm asking myself a few questions like, what will it be like? What should I do in London for 7 hours? What about living in Belgium? How will I like it after a week? A month? A year (just throwing that out there!)? Just how much out of my comfort zone can I be pushed b…

that was quick!

So this week flew by, I can't believe it is Friday evening already! Mom has begun preparations for our little party tomorrow night, which appears to becoming a mini family reunion. Relatives went from canceling to confirming, wonderful :)

I rode in some wonderful weather today. It started out cloudy and humid, then went to breezy, sunny, and hot, then become very windy with hail and pouring rain, which then finished with more sun and a light breeze. My favourite part was the hail and wind, it was refreshing and I like fighting against the elements. My first win was in the pouring rain and I made it a point to solo to the finish line, cold, drenched, and happy.

I rode my bike a little bit this week here is the quick breakdown in case you were wondering;

mandaag 22 juni: 3h 58m, mostly flat terrainvandaag, 23 juni: Morning: 4h 47m, avg. 26k, 125.09km and in the evening: 1h 1m, sprint workout with a team. Total: 5h 48mwoensdag 24 juni: morning: 4h 25m, 110.27k avg. 24.9 and in t…
Yesterday sucked. I don't know if it was the heat or a little less sleep than I hoped for but it was a little boring and I felt like just kickin it at home. It probably doesn't help that my position on the bike has been a little uncomfortable as of late. I just can't find a nice spot on my bike saddle. I tried swapping it out for a different one, which helped, but I'm sure I have some left over soreness from the first one. It has also been very warm here in PA and unlike Mass, the roads here are not shaded at all. You are in the sun mile after mile with open space around you. I feel like all I do is drink water, eat, and ride. But this is not entirely true, I have spent time with family, friends, and every night I sit outside to see more stars than I've ever seen in three years in Boston. So many stars! It's very pretty!

I was riding along yesterday and saw this on the road, one of the road workers must have gotten bored, but it made me smile. Ok, off…
Weather forecast for today...

Same as yesterday :) 4 hours yesterday and time for at least another 4 or 5 1/2 this morning depending on if my friends are doing a sprint workout tonight.

Have a great day!

It's off to work for me :)

rain, flat tires, and a vanilla milkshake, part duex

and continued it is...

We were back on the road and approaching the town of Waterford, CT when suddenly the left front wheel made a funny noise. I wasn't sure if it was the road, the music, or my imagination playing tricks on me. A few seconds later the faint noise I heard had shown itself the form of a flat tire. Sitting under an overpass, watching the waterfall of water pour of the bridge, it was already time to suck it and up and do what needed to be done. I found a jack but it was too small, I couldn't find the wrench for the lug nuts, and the spare was stuck and needed to be cut out. I went in search of tools and at my first house I was greeted by an old lady and her pitbull. Off to house number two which was already looking more promising with two Ford trucks sitting in the driveway, I thought for sure I had hit a home run. After a knock on the door I and a quick explanation I was found with "no" number two. I'm sure the pouring down rain didn't …

rain, flat tires, and a vanilla milkshake


This word pretty much sums up the cumulative adventures of the last several days. A roller coaster of fun with friends and a sinking feeling that settles in your stomach when you are about to do something you are a bit unsure of. No worries though, I was still pleasantly stuffed with cake from a farewell social they put together for me at work.

I say this all the time and I every time I say it I mean it; I'm not going to wait to the last minute to pack. Too late! My sister drove up from PA with a pickup truck on Thursday night of last week and we spent a few days with friends and then planned for the packing the truck on Saturday for the drive home. Thursday evening I took my sister to the Diplo and Major Lazer concert, Friday she spent part of the day walking around the city, some time at the office, and then off with a few of my friends to the Harpoon brewery. The Brewery to Brewery ride was scheduled for Saturday so there some "preparing" to do before the ri…

tornado time

With only three days left in Boston I can certainly guarantee it will be a whirlwind of a time. My intense training schedule has had nothing to do with packing up my belongings. Most of which will reside with my parents in PA, some of which will be get thrown out, and the rest will be things I forgot I had but can't bring myself to throw away. Isn't moving fun!

I did place one of the last pieces of the puzzle together tonight regarding a mobile phone while I'm in Belgium. I found a great deal on a Sony Ericsson K800i while shopping the Boston Craigslist. I'm hoping to use the phone to make blogging and photos much easier while I'm trying to keep up with life.

Friends of mine also a threw a fabulous afternoon of socializing and food at me over the weekend. I felt like I didn't have much to say and in some ways I felt as though I should be inclined to talk more. I mean after all, it was my going away party. I found myself absorbed in the conversations aroun…

a day in the week

Goeie dag!

I'm never one to write about what I do everyday. Mostly because I don't think I'm very good at talking about myself. It is like hearing your own voice on the radio or seeing yourself in a video clip. Some people just don't like how they look or sound, but I'm up for the challenge, so here goes:

The next day for me usually starts the evening beforehand. I'm checking the weather, making sure my bike is prepped, I have anything I need for work set aside, and most importantly double checking my espresso machine and making sure it has enough water for the morning. This all usually goes on around 10:30pm the night before. I should probably throw in there checking my email and studying some Dutch. I also try to expand my music collection as frequently as possible.

In bed by 11 (most of the time) and ready to rock by six o'clock the next day. Ok, lets be honest, I'm not a get out a bed, ball full of energy, kind of person. I'm quiet, a lit…


Relax and Reflect were to the two main verbs for le weekend. Of course, there was enough activity to ensure I didn't feel like doing much else. Saturday morning consisted of an hour and forty-three minutes of rowing and the afternoon was polished off with a wonderful three hour bike ride. Sunday morning started and proceeded to end mid afternoon after five hours and fourteen minutes of more cycling.

Today started with an hour recovery and it was most delightful even with all the detours, cars honking, poorly maintained bike paths, holes, and tight IT bands. There is something to be said for maintaining a positive outlook regardless the perspective grasped by the rest of the world around you.

When I have an important goal in mind I like to write down the pro's and con's of achieving this goal. Develop a methodology to approach the challenge, some scenario planning, and ultimately picture myself winning. However, what if you were imagine yourself failing at this goal? …

who moved my cheese?

The weather in Boston over the last week or so has been cool and rainy. The damp weather and cool temperatures have been lingering outside and inside my bike is in need of a bath. I attempted to pack up a few basic items around my apartment last night but something inside told me to just chill out. Normally the notion of relaxing is somehow work induced, riding induced, or alcohol related. Not this time, I had some unfamiliar emotions to deal with last night. Perhaps it was the act of packing or at least thinking about how I'm going to move all my belongings, that brought about a flood of concerns. Its almost as if subconsciously I know everything that is easy and familiar to me now is about to disappear. I've never doubted for a moment that we are creatures of habit and routine and probably for good reasons. How annoying would everyday life be if each morning you woke up you were someplace new? Maybe a story best told by the book "Who Moved My Cheese" but seriously …